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"My love for Mexican embroidery and traditional dresses sparked the desire to create a unique body of work that fuses embroidered dresses with my paintings of women.


Traditional dresses serve an important role for women, as they help women celebrate their cultural identity, and are a mirror to their personal character and individuality."

Jazmin Sasky

Embroidered Lives

in collaboration with designer Gaby Vilchiz, Oaxaca, Mexico


Oaxacan designer Gaby Vilchis in her store in the city

Gaby Vilchis

& Her team of women artisans

Born and raised in Oaxaca, Mexico, Gaby Vilchis provokes the viewer’s eye with an extraordinary blend of colour, materials, techniques and individuality. Never compromising on quality, her celebrated embroidery designs have become synonymous with the vast array of cultural richness that flourishes in her home state of Oaxaca. She has been working with over twenty masters artisans for the past 12 years developing her fashion brand. Each of these artisans are experts in the distinct embroidery techniques that proudly represent Oaxaca’s heritage.

In 2018, Jazmin and Gaby founded their brand "Sasky-Vilchiz" that includes collections of paintings inspired by indigenous Oaxacan women, Oaxacan flora & fauna, Day of the Death, religious Mexican iconography and one-of-a-kind artisanal collaborations with Oaxacan master artisans.

See Whole Collection Here.


Lynn Farrand, Senior Curator at the

California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks

"Jazmin Sasky, an emerging artist originally from Argentina and now living in Vancouver,

is capturing and paying tribute to an ancient art form and culture. Her stylized Hispanic

figures are painted on canvas, then come to life with unique two- dimensional beadwork

that punctuates her message. These art works are a celebration of a time and culture in an ever- changing world. There is great value in preserving these time- honored traditions and cultures.

I appreciate the work and dedication of this artist in keeping these things alive."


Violeta Celis

Curator, Mexico City, Mexico

"Among all creative collaboration possibilities that could be found in the city of Oaxaca, the duo formed by Argentine-born artist Jazmin Sasky and Oaxacan designer Gaby Vilchis, tries to spread out the craft of diverse regional artisanal trades through their painting and design work. For these two artists, it is imperative to reclaim the handiwork of local artisans, who are directly involved in this creative process. Staying away from entities that are traditionally associated to work shared between Sasky’s painting and Vilchiz’s design; they understand collaboration as a necessary overflow that brings about greater meaning.


The intimate involvement of these women is understood as an act that does not only refer to an artistic piece going through their hands as it is nourished by each of their skills but, as a genuine bond of trust created day by day between the two artists and the artisans. 

It is in this way that the relevance of each one of the skills is rendered as the source of inspiration, the additional detail, and the final touch that in many ways, make each piece their own.


Painting-design-craft that magnetically attract the spectator, as niches of light and colour that challenge our gaze to look again and again."

A beautiful living room decorated with a painting by artist Jazmin Sasky in collaboration with Gaby Vilchiz
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