Sasky- Vilchiz

This original collection fuses high-end embroidery pieces created in Oaxaca, Mexico with paintings. The embroidery works designed by Mexican designer Gaby Vilchiz are carefully incorporated into Jazmin’s vibrant original paintings, and are the result of direct collaborations with an extensive network of master artisans.

Sasky- Vilchiz collection provokes the viewer’s eye with an extraordinary blend of colors, materials, and embroidery techniques from this rich region. Every embroidered treasure is individually made, and combines haute couture finishes inventive combinations of techniques, as well as a deep love of color – all of which are rooted in traditional Oaxacan culture. Further to this, supplementary depth and texture are generated in these textiles through the inclusion of a variety of crystals, semi-precious stones, elaborated sequined and crocheted flowers, along with finely embroidered hand-made elements.