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A close up to the hands of artist Jazmin Sasky at her studio in Vancouver, Canada


¿Necesita ayuda?

Buying a piece of art online can be challenging. 

Below you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

If you don't find your answer, you are welcome to write me an email or:

Book a FREE online consultation with me to assess your space and consider all your art options.
  • Do you ship artwork outside of Canada and the US?
    Yes. Please send a request to detailing which piece you are interested in along with your shipping address including postal code. Shipping quotes take five days. If you are happy with the shipping quote, I will process your payment. Packing and customs paperwork takes up to 14 business days.
  • Once my painting has been shipped, how long will it take to arrive?"
    Shipping from Vancouver, Canada to the US takes approximately 15 business days; other countries may take longer. Your artwork could be held up at customs while they evaluate the custom fee, linked to the value of your purchase. You will need to pay the allocated customs fees to release your painting from the port of entry. Customs clearance times vary from port to port.
  • Can I commission your artwork?
    Yes! I have worked with clients from around the world on one-off commissions for their homes. The process is creative, collaborative and very rewarding. You choose the format, theme, and colour palette. If you are interested in adding handmade embroidery from Latin American, then more choices are available. Meetings are held on ZOOM. I need photos of your designated hanging space at home and, if you are commissioning one of my signature portraiture paintings, I need photos of your loved ones. To start a commission, email:
  • Are you interested in art gallery representation?
    If you are an art agent and would like to work with me, please email:
  • Can I visit your studio in Vancouver?
    My studio in Vancouver, Canada is open to visitors. Since my work may incorporate textures, crystals or custom pieces of embroidery handmade by women artisans from across Latin America, I highly recommend paying a visit and taking a closer look at my work before making your decision.
  • Can I visit your studio in Oaxaca?
    My studio in Oaxaca, Mexico is currently closed to visitors. Due to Covid-19, unfortunately I have not been able to operate this location. I hope the situation improves soon, for the well being of the citizens, and for the economy and prosperity of this beaufitul place.
  • Art Donations
    I have partnered with non-profit organizations locally to donate meaningful pieces to public spaces such as schools, hospitals, and women's co-op housings. Every year I donate one artwork. If you are a representative of a non-profit organization and are interested in my paintings for your space, please send me an email to: Some of my paintings were donated to YWCA Vancouver, BC Women's Hospital, BC Children's Hospital, Richmond Maternity Ward, VTT Private School, and Make-A-Wish Vancouver.
  • How much do you pay the artisans you collaborate with?
    Every collaboration is different, so payment varies by country and by the specific challenges faced by each artisan. Once an artisan has assessed their contribution, they determine their fees. My policy is to respect their price — I never try to bargain. Final pieces and shipping fess are fully paid on completion.
  • What happens if my order arrives damaged?
    I partner with one of the best freight companies in Vancouver to assure that your piece is safely packed and shipped to its destination. If for any reason, the piece arrives damaged, please contact me immediately: I would need photos of the damaged area to assess your case. It is your responsibility to ensure payment for any custom and duty fees, and for timely collection of your painting from your local depot to avoid unnecessary damage in freight holding docks. Shipping insurance for your artwork is available, please inquire.
  • Will my painting be insured during shipping?
    Your painting can be insured for an additional fee: 3% of the value of your painting. Insurance is subject to $1,000 deductible
  • What do you do with my private information?
    My store is hosted on Ltd, a website platform builder. Your credit card data is stored by WIX Ltd on a secure server behind a firewall. You will find more information on PRIVACY POLICIES HERE
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