How I fell in love with painting...and almost quit!

In my previous post, I shared how I discovered my call to painting and how important is as a way to express my true self. When my guiding angels dictated me to embrace this journey, they forgot to include a manual on “How to pursue a life as an artist and not die in the journey”! On 2013, I was working on my first art show at an Art Gallery. The inspiration I felt was unbelievable. The feeling was new and empowering. I managed to plan, execute and deliver a beautiful art show that honoured the women I knew in my community. I tailored a plan and carefully chose women who had an appealing and inspiring stories to share with the public. We met and talked. In my studio, the stories turned into works of art, each story flowing through my hand at ease. It was beautiful to witness. At that time, I felt I could touch the sky and happily embraced the journey. The art show turned out to be very successful and the public enjoyed and got inspired by the artworks and life stories, all depicted in a guide to the show. As time went by, the amazing feeling of “I can do this” went away and I was left alone planning my next move. As time went by, I longed to go back to the inspiration I felt then when I was not scared nor doubtful. Without that inspiration, I was navigating the Do’s & Don’ts of the art industry. Then, I found myself working on my second art show. I partnered with the YWCA Vancouver to bring to life “Home Is Love” an art show depicting the lives of the women the organization serves- single mothers. Again, the inspiration took over and I found myself at my studio witnessing how my skills were getting more confident and free. The art show was a beautiful display of positive and colourful home scenes painted on cradle panels built as houses. The show gained great exposure, featuring my vision as an artist in various media channels. During the time between the first and the second art show, I realized that the journey I took on as a full time artist could be a long, daunting and a very hard path. But then again, I found myself working on my third art show. Hawaiian Sisterhood, an art show in partnership with fashion designer, a women’s organization called Women Helping Women located in Maui and me. The art show celebrated the multicultural complexion of the women of Maui. I have to be honest and admit that even with all the amazing accomplishments I have been witnessing in my career; many times I consider quitting and finding a different livelihood. Now, as I wait for my next move, I can say that many times the anxiety, the fear, the doubts and the understanding of what it takes to pursue a life as a professional artist “take over” me and they leave me feeling paralyzed. During these times, I reach out for the help of self-help books, meditation or long talks with friends to get me going. I am still learning and experimenting with what works and what doesn’t for me. This is a professional and very personal pursuit. I am proud to say that I fell in love with painting…and didn’t quit.

As the new year approaches, I have taken the commitment to reach out to more people, to connect and spread the word of what I love to do. My hope is to inspire you to find your own voice as well.

"The stories you believe to be true are the ones your life will become"

with love, Jazmin