Meet Art collector: Dr. Paula Iriarte.

A short story about her painting:

Dr. Paula Iriarte is a family doctor in Vancouver, working at a beautiful new clinic located on Granville Street, Vancouver. Dr. Iriarte attended the art exhibition “Home is Love” in support of “YWCA Cause We Care House” last February. She was planning to move to a new clinic and was looking for artwork that would bright up the walls of her new space. She was also hoping to find a painting that would bring joy and a sense of calmness to her patients (who are mostly women). She decided to purchase “Picnic in our community garden”, one of the most beloved paintings at the art show.

Dr. Iriarte’s testimonial: “Jazmin’s art brings a beautiful sense of harmony and joy to my waiting room. Patients tell me that there is such a good vibe when they walk in and I attribute this feeling to the warmth and quality of Jazmin’s painting”.

“Picnic in our community” was inspired by a community garden program that runs at the YWCA Alder Gardens housing in Surrey, BC. The garden program is not only a food security program for single mothers living at the house but it is also the heart and soul of their community. The items harvest support the individuals and the food program at their community kitchen. The diverse women that live in this building experience a sense of belonging and community because of the garden initiative.

“Home is Love” art exhibition reflected the evocative conversations I had with single mothers. These interviews were facilitated by the YWCA- Vancouver. Inspired by a form of Latin American Art, the Peruvian retablos, each canvas was likened to a window in a home transporting the viewer to scenes of love, happiness and tender family moments.

Thank you Dr. Paula Iriarte for choosing my artwork to brighten up your clinic!