Meet Anat Barnea

A short story about her painting:

I have known Anat for the lasts 25 years! When I was 21 years old, I got accepted to study Graphic Design at the Hadassah-Wizo School Of Arts in Haifa, Israel. It was 1991 and I was fairly new to the country. My Hebrew was still pretty weak and I hardly knew people. The first weeks at school were very hard not only because I was new to Israel, but the studies were quite competitive, most of the students were older than me and I felt very homesick. Luckily I met Gal. Gal became my “soul friend”. She and I became friends from the moment we put eyes on each other in the first weeks of school. The magic was instant and we have been best friends since then!

During one of my visits to her parents’ home I met Anat, her younger sister. She was then finishing high school and heading to the Israeli army. Since then, I have seen Anat growing from a young teenager to becoming an amazing wife, mother and professional. She is a very special woman. Anat is an experienced therapist for children and youth with special needs. She incorporates interaction with animals achieving outstanding results specially in populations at risk. After working for a few years as a therapist, Anat opened a unique farm in a unique location, where she offers individual and small groups’ therapies with animals, workshops for professional therapists & for parents, camps for children and more. The farm is open for the enjoyment of the public over the weekends.

My friend Gal wanted to give something special to Anat to mark her journey into motherhood. She called me from Israel and commissioned a painting for Anat’s new home. Gal wanted to include Anat’s 3 daughters, her pets and lots and lots of colours. The painting's goal was to be a representation of the joyful and loving home Anat and her husband Amitai were building together.

Anat’s testimonial: “Your painting brightens up our living room and warms up our hearts! The artwork is a whimsical reflection of our daughters, our pets and everything we love. Your painting adds up a

feeling of happiness and joy, making our home more “homey” and cozy!”

On one of my trips to Israel, I had the chance to visit Anat and to finally see the painting at her new home. I was amazed by the beauty of the house. It was a home filled with colours, textures, unique accessories, 3 little girls, music and cute cats and dogs walking freely around the girls. It was definitely a happy home! And the painting fitted perfectly among all this joy!

Thank you Anat and Amitai for having my work in the heart and center of your home. It is a real honor! In this way I feel closer to you and I am very