Meet Art Collector: Heidi Seidman

A short story about her painting:

Heidi Seidman is a registered holistic nutritionist, yogi and mom to 3 young children. She is passionate about healthy foods, cooking and baking. She is the creator of Project Lunchbox. Project Lunchbox is a company committed to educating parents and families about the importance of feeding their children healthful, nutrient dense lunches at school, summer camp, daycare and at home. The company’s goal is to help create awareness to how even small changes to a child's diet can have a significant impact on their growth, development, moods, blood sugar balancing and behavior. Heidi also does private consultations and menu planning for children, families and seniors. Our paths crossed 6 years ago at the school both her kids and mine attend. My oldest brother passed away from cancer that year and I was going through tough times. I was surrounded by friends but her friendliness, warmth and openness were quite magical and we found ourselves connecting and starting a new friendship.

A few years later, while choosing the women that would inspire me to paint for my first solo art exhibition, I knew Heidi would be one of them. Now, “Embracing Differences” is hanging at Heidi’s cozy home, among beautiful works of art, toys, children playing, friends and family.

Heidi Seidman testimonial: “Jazmin continues to amaze me with her expression of beauty through her art. The paintings she creates feel like they each tell a story that is so unique and diverse and express such emotion and beauty!”

“Embracing Differences” was one the favorite paintings at the exhibition “Honouring Women”. The exhibition took place in 2013, at the Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery in Vancouver. The artwork included two women from opposite backgrounds celebrating and embracing their differences encircled by beautiful flowers and colours. I wanted to challenge myself and see what could come up from having two completely different women together in the same canvas. This piece was the last one I painted for the show out of 12 artworks! While working in this last piece, I felt free, spontaneous, happy and innovative. I had lots of fun!

Heidi, your friendship, your great sense of humor, your amazing listening and your love for nature, yoga and good food are an inspiration to me. I am forever grateful.