When? Why? How I got so isolated?? My reasons to get out of my “studio” NOW! and this new idea I cam

When I decided to devote myself to full time painting, I was definitely not aware that my days would be very solitary. Life as an artist is very exciting, don’t get me wrong, but most of the days are spent at the studio, painting for hours, days, weeks, months… eventually turning into years of isolation and loneliness. I find myself working for hours without talking to anyone until is time to pick up my children from school. Usually at 3:30pm is when I realize that another day went by without speaking a word for hours! No wonder, I have started to go nuts and to feel lonely. I enjoy my work a lot. Painting takes me to imaginary places where I feel happiness, sadness and all sorts of feelings. But I have started to miss the connection with people and realized how much I needed to bring this connection back to my life.

A few months ago, while thinking what I could do, I came up with the idea of hosting workshops and parties for women. I thought this idea could bring back what I have been missing so much, which is to interact, give and share with others.

I was thinking: what idea could be easy to execute? What project could be friendly to people who are not so artsy? What idea could create some depth and meaning and get people to think and walk away with a feeling of empowerment? The idea that came to my mind was “Self- Affirmation’s Workshops”. This idea came from my own personal need of self- reassurance when life gets challenging. I use affirmations a lot to help me when facing hard times. Sometimes these quotes just inspire me, sometimes they make me think my decisions, sometimes they just make me feel happy or empowered. I realized that these quotes not only help me, but they help many others. Especially I noticed how much people like to share inspiring quotes on Facebook.

For the past weeks, I have been gathering inspiring self-affirmations quotes for these new workshops. Each affirmation I chose is a reminder to others of their awesomeness, their personal journey, reminders to keep a positive attitude in li