Fall is the perfect time for indoor gatherings!

In my last blog I talked about giving, giving, giving. Today’s blog is a continuation of this amazing concept.

In our 40’s, it is not easy to make new friends. Once you connect with someone, you get to know this new person, you bond, share moments, build memories...but sometimes after a while, we have to let them go…

A few months ago I have the honour to lead a farewell gathering for a woman who went back to England. Her friends wanted to do something special and give her a keepsake to take home. The Hand-Lettered Inspirational Quotes’ party was perfect for the occasion.

Each woman took the time to browse binders filled with affirmations and chose the one that delivered a meaningful message for her dear friend. Then, with instructions, each participant traced and painted the affirmation into a nice heavy matte paper.

Women told stories while working on their affirmations. The atmosphere that evening was of laughter and friendship. We all had a glass of wine and ate some delicious cheeses and fruits.

Once all the affirmations were ready, we assembled a binder with personal messages in the back