Canadian children get inspiration from Israeli artists!

Vancouver Talmud Torah school approached me last summer with a proposition to teach children an after school program. I thought that inspiring children with the art, colors and richness of Israeli artisans would be the perfect program. I have been immersed in the Israeli art scene for many years, and even thought I have moved to Canada, I am still a big fan of Israeli Arts& Crafts. Last June, I was lucky to spend my birthday in the company of my best friend (who is also an artist) and we visited a night craft market that was filled with amazing, unique and colorful jewelry, paper products, clothing and gifts. It was a magical evening that inspired me to create this new program called "Mixed Media Art inspired by Israeli artists".

At the night market in Holon, Israel. June 2016

Choosing the right artist was not an easy task. There are plenty of talented people in Israel. I approached Timor from “Timo Handmade”. Timor makes original and commissioned fabric dolls. She was happy to collaborate and sent me photos of her work and of herself working at her studio.

I chose Zohar from “Kululush” because I thought that the children would love to create hair bands like the ones she does.

I wanted the children to learn how to work with clay. Hilla from "Hillovely" works with polymer. Using textures and interesting painting technics, she adds more dimension to the clay, making it interesting and fun to teach. Since we learned about her work last September the children made clay Hamsas and pomegranates for Rosh Ashana.

I love illustration and quirky characters. To introduce some whimsy projects, I talked to Ori from “What about paper”. When we spoke, she offered to send each child a gift from her paper company. She sent them a print from her collection that arrived on our last class. There were plenty of happy faces in the classroom!

I wanted to include more artists but unfortunately we ran out of time. With a group of 16 children from Kindergarten to grade 4, I had to choose projects that will appeal to all of them and planned projects that they could execute and complete with ease and pride.

I am very happy with the results and the experience of teaching Canadian children the work of Israeli artists. I admire the work these artists do and I find it inspiring and very unique. All the artists were approachable and open to this new initiative. My hopes are that the children enjoyed the art projects and that they walked away with the confidence that they can try new materials and dare to create with no fear, like the Israeli artists do!

"The stories you believe to be true are the ones your life will become" with love, Jazmin

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