I love to bring ART to summer camps!

Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to the Okanagan, BC and facilitated an art workshop at a summer camp. The atmosphere at the camp site was incredible and seeing the free-spirited children made me happy. It was my first time spending a summer at the Okanagan and it took me a while adjusting to the high temperatures. The camp site was beautiful and the art room was packed with art supplies for the children.

The director and I met last March and we agreed that I will join camp for the first time and will facilitate an art workshop for 45 campers. I went home and thought which project I should facilitate. When I need to chose the right art project, the decision always comes with many challenges and things to take into consideration such as: age range of the children, which in this case was 7-15, that the project should appeal boys and girls, that the project has a build-up time frame of a week, that is interesting enough to most of the children, that is easy to facilitate and that the end result would allow all children to be proud of their work. Well, the art project I decided on was very ambitious. A cradle panel cover in modelling clay, painted, stamped and embellished! This project answered all the requirements needed.

On the first day at camp, children kept coming to the art room and by the end of the morning, I had met more than 50 campers that were ready and anxious to create! Many of them I already knew and it was nice seeing them so happy to see me too!

First step, covering the cradle panels with modelling clay.

The fist night, I couldn't sleep thinking how to adjust the room to better suit the much bigger groups than I expected... and how to plan carefully each day in order to guide the children into creating the final art project. Each day, I witnessed one completed step and my excitement grew with each one.

Close-up of one of the youngest campers' art work (8 years old).

The campers amazed me with their talent, dedication and engagement. Their joy brought me happiness and fulfillment. The atmosphere in the classes was of a mix of summer, water and chill. We played music and some kids came to do art wearing bathing suits! I still needed to rush them a bit in order to stay focus and on schedule.

It was great to be with one of my art students from the VTT art school, Vancouver.

During the week, I was lucky to have my son Liam joined the classes. Liam has been helping me for many years and because we know each other so well, we know how to facilitate and handle these workshops. He was amazing and supported each child with their needs. He also enjoyed making art himself!

My son Liam, helping out at the art workshop

Ofek, a talented counselor, helping out too.

By Friday, all the art projects were completed and we took them outside to dry up. It was nice hearing the kids telling others about their work and showing it with pride to the children passing b,y who were amazed by the art projects.

"Family" by one of the many talented campers!

"The stories you believe to be true are the ones your life will become" with love, Jazmin

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