The most amazing Mexican peacocks

Last July, during my fist visit to Oaxaca, Mexico I fell in love with the famous craft done in the area using local materials, called "Alebrijes". It is a wooden painted craft resembling animals and imaginary creatures. Each finished work looks different according to the artist who painted it. In one of the tours, we were taken to a huge factory filled with "Alebrijes" in all kind of shapes, sizes and colours. It was a feast to my eyes!

While visiting the factory, I thought that it would be great to introduce my students to this amazing work and hopefully I would be able to inspire them to create a new art form.

I fell in love with the peacocks and brought (ONLY) one home because I couldn't carry more...

In September 2017, when the classes resumed, I introduced my Mixed Media Art students, to the art of "Alebrijes" and inspired them to create their own new art form using pieces of wood, wood sticks, feathers and pipe cleaners. We discussed how dedicated these artisans are in their craft and the time they invest in each piece. Each kid developed his/her own pattern and took the time to paint each side.