Fall term, in review

Last September, my vision of starting an Art school for children turned into reality! In the past 10 years, I have been teaching children in community centres and summer camps but never fully dedicated myself to teaching as I have been focused on growing my career as a visual artist.The right opportunity came along and it was also the right time for me. This blog talks about how I planned the programs for the art school and what I learned from my dear students this past busy term!.

In March 2017, I wrote a proposal to open an after school dedicated to raise future Jewish artists to The Jewish day school- Vancouver Talmud Torah. This was the intro to my writing: "My vision is to create a space where children feel happy and creative; offering them opportunities to explore, feel safe; to run away from daily pressures and where children find their creative inner voice. I envision a place where children grow and develop". The board embraced my vision and provided a gorgeous space in the old wing of the school. I was already teaching art at Talmud Torah 2 days a week, but the proposal's intention was to grow to 5 classes a week and to accommodate 50 students! It was pretty ambitious... but I was committed, very excited and ready to open my heart to this new possibility. I had many things to do, such as planning each age group program and I also had to renovate the space which was in a very bad condition. Firstly, I focused on planning the various programs for different age groups according to what I thought was in need. Once the program was ready and registaryin started, I focused on the renovations.

The program looked like this:

Mondays- Preschool to Kindergarten age group (4-5).

Join this playful class, where every Monday we will have a tea party & cupcakes, while listening to stories from books and exploring creativity. Whether is the character in the story, the message or one single image, children will get the inspiration and the opportunity to create art projects using interesting materials and their own creative drive.

This is a photo of the sweet young students from Mondays' class having fun, inspired by the book

"Russell the sheep"

What did I learn from teaching these wonderful young group? I learned that this age group needs a lot of fun, playfulness and diversity. I observed, listened and adapted as the program went on. It was a great learning experience!.