Mastering "Papier Mache"

Who doesn't love papier mache? Who doesn't love to get messy and sticky? In this term, my students definitely mastered the technic of papier mache with these beautiful bowls!

We started the project by getting inspired by the movie "Fung Fu Panda". There is nothing better than inspiring kids through their favourite movies, songs and movie characters. I picked "Kung Fu Panda", because I wanted the kids to create an art project with panda bears. I showed them some short clips, we listened to songs from the movie and we played games like bingo, trivia and pass the parcel. The kids got familiarized with the characters and the plot. Once they bonded with the panda bear featured in the movie, we started to create a "Panda Bowl" inspired by Kung Fu Panda.

Every class, they added another layer of papier mache to their bowl and by the 3rd class, we did a ceremony where the kids "mastered" the technic of papier mache, like Kung Fu panda mastered the art of Kung Fu in the movie. We definitely had fun!!

The outside part of the bowl has little illustrations of cute panda bears, that the kids illustrated, and then, were photocopied and added to their painted bowl.

Students working on the first layer of paper.

Some kids, like her, love getting glue all over their hands!

In this sample, you can see the cute black & white illustrations added to the outside of the bowl.

Another example of photocopied illustrations in black & white.

On the inside part, the kids created a clay panda using modeling white clay that was painted and glazed.

This project was fun and the results are very cute!

"The stories you believe to be true are the ones your life will become"

with love, Jazmin

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