Learning to portrait a dog

In this term, classes have been focused on animals and the happiness and inspiration they bring to us. The most popular and beloved animals are, of course, dogs! The moment I showed these dogs' photos to my older group of students, they dived into the art project enthusiastically!

These amazing, one of a kind portraits of dogs were done by Elke Vogelsang, a professional photographer. She is a renown expert for dog photography in Germany and worldwide and offers a unique style of studio photography. My students loved her unique point of view and felt an immediate connection to the dogs.

Each students chose a dog. The project was to pick one colour, then mixed it with black or white to create shades and highlights. By simplifying the dog's photograph into shapes, each student created a portrait. With a bit of guidance and a lot of freedom, each kid figured the exercise out that in the end, the result reflected the kids' personality. Some students used dark outlines and bold shapes, while others created the portrait with many shapes, using water colour technics. They definitely enjoyed the project!

I have chosen a few samples to showcase their artwork (below):