Summer time, has gone...

Summer of 2018! What an amazing summer! It started off with a 3-week visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The reason? Two family weddings in a period of two weeks! My last visit back home was three years ago, and I felt a strong need for connection to family and to my roots. It started right away with the first word in Spanish and the first hug to a loved one at the airport. I needed a few days to adjust to the time change, to the food and some other “small” details, such as, the higher noise level, the crazy traffic, the daily rush on the streets and of course to the Argentinian politics. Once I got the sense of it, I was ready to enjoy the trip!

Visiting "El Caminito" in La Boca, Buenos Aires.

I was amazed to realize how much I missed the daily connection to my family, the ease of speaking my language, and to realize that I still have and share a collective mannerism with everyone else on the streets. There are precious memories of my childhood in every corner of this big city.

3 Argentinian icons: Maradona, Evita and Gardel, (Tango singer) at "El Caminito", Buenos Aires.