Van Gogh inspired "Sunflowers"

The theme for this winter term is flowers and my older students have just created a "Sunflower" painting inspired by Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh.

One of the many sunflowers painted by Vincent Van Gogh

The process was long, and it involved many layers and classes. First, the kids learned how to look at the composition and they quickly sketched a rough pencil drawing. The second step was to practise the same composition in a larger format by suing chalks. In the third and very important step, the students draw their sunflowers on a big canvas and applied modeling clay to their drawing to add an interesting effect.

Applying modeling clay and shaping it with a special palette knife.

After the modeling clay was dry and ready, the students applied the first layer of colour, which was: dark brown! Surprisingly, the kids hated the colour but I insisited that the dark brown colour will give depth and sofistication to the whole painting. On the