Blue Dogs inspired by George Rodrigue

This term, we are creating projects inspired by dogs. I came across this amazing artist on-line and decided to introduce the kids to him. His name is George Rodrigue. George Rodrigue (March 13, 1944 – December 14, 2013) was an American artist originally from New Iberia, Louisiana.

He is worldwide known for his creation of the Blue Dog series of paintings, featuring a blue-hued dog. He used the shape and stance of his deceased dog named Tiffany and was primarily influenced by the "Loup-garou" legend. The Blue Dog was made popular by Absolut Vodka in 1992, when Rodrigue was honored as an Absolut Vodka artists joining famous artists such as Andy Warhol and glass artist Hans Godo Frabel. The Blue Dog was used by both Absolut Vodka and the Xerox Corporation through national ad campaigns. The ghostly blue spaniel/terrier is often featured with a white nose and yellow eyes.

George Rodrigue featured with his famous "Blue Dogs"

The students had fun getting to know this artist and his blue dogs. For this project, I turned the studio upside down in order to let the kids paint comfortably. In the video below you can see some of the students in action.

They first traced the shape of the famous blue dog and painted the dog in different shades of blue.

Once the painting was dry, they added the background and had fun adding the atributes to each of their dogs such as: a king dog, a pumpkin dog, a fairy dog, a cowboy dog, a diving dog, a soccer palyer dog, to name a few! I always enjoy letting the kids play with their imagination and each feeds others with ideas by sharing them out loud in our class' circle time.

Left: George Rodrigue, Cowboy Blue Dog Right: Grade 3 student, Cowboy Blue Dog

Left: George Rodrigue King Blue Dog Right: Grade 3 student, King Blue Dog

Left: George Rodrigue, Futbol Blue Dog Right: Grade1 student, Futbol Blue Dog

Below more samples:

Grade 4 students

Grade 3 sr

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