#iamready Week 2 #estoylista Semana 2

This man was walking in front of me in Oaxaca with a message for me: #iamready, in Spanish #estoylista

My first week in Oaxaca was a week of adjustments. I ran all week resourcing art stores and getting familiarized with the art supplies that I use for my work. Even though I brought as much as I could from home, I found myself needing more materials that I anticipated. Last week was also about finding a local market for fruits & veggies, a supermarket for other needs, a gym to keep my body & mind healthy and of course planning what the next 5 weeks will look like.

An outdoor gym with birds, lots of sunshine and a great instructor 4 blocks away from my place.

In order to collaborate with other artisans, I need to carefully plan my work so they can work on their craft. This type of collaboration requires a lot of planning and a clear vision of how the end product will look like. Since each woman artisan dedicates so much time on her hand made craft, I try not to make mistakes so she doesn’t have to re-do her work. For the past year and a half that we have worked long-distance, things have gone smoothly and just a few pieces had to be done again. This time, things are different because I am here to monitor the work and if things don’t work, then we can find the solutions faster. The first week, I carefully planned hand-made pieces for the artisans and passed them on to them so they could start working. I spent nights in bed reviewing my vision to make sure that I didn’t omit anything or didn’t make a mistake. By the end of the week, I was sleep deprived and exhausted but very excited!