Oaxaca, a city with 3,000 visual artists!

#iamready Week 3 #estoylista Semana 3

This week felt better. I settled a nice routine of life & work and I managed to overcome some of the challenges of the first couple of weeks, especially work-related ones.

In this post, I want to talk about inspiration, and what it means to be inspired. On Saturday I met a very friendly gentleman who happened to work at a beautiful Art Gallery in the centre of Oaxaca. This Gallery is one of my favourites. This nice gentleman, who was an artist and worked at the Gallery, told me that they are 3,000 registered artists in this city! For a small city like Oaxaca, this is an insane number of artists! Now I understand why everywhere I look; I see artists working in their studios. And the reason should be... the inspiration everyone gets here!

Arte de Oaxaca Gallery, one gallery out of over 50 Art Galleries in the city!

There is something special in the air here that awakes the senses of creativity. This magic could be about the colours, the smells, the flavours, the people, the culture & history, the clothing, the markets… so many things. For every artist is something different but I am going to talk about what inspires me.

I have been always drawn to people. It is in my nature to talk and engage with others. I have a strong sense of empathy for people and their feelings. When I first came to Oaxaca, the local women were the ones who caught my attention first. The way they looked, dressed and lived were very captivating to me. I felt an urge to paint them. After coming to this city for a few times, I can still say that they are the source of my inspiration.