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As days and weeks went by, I started to witness how the work was getting done. In the beginning, I had to plan and pass on work to others, which got me very anxious. I was not used to ask and wait for others to deliver their work in order to complete my own. However, most things got ready on time, and my partner and I could witness the fruit of our common efforts! I will share photos of our work soon.

Last Wednesday, I decided to join Gaby, my business partner, on an empowering retreat. She thought it would be very important for our project to align our energies and intentions using the same technique that she has been using for years. The following day I packed a small carry on, and on Friday morning we left on the way to the Pre-Hispanic city of Teotihuacan, Mexico State. After 6 hours drive, many bathroom’s stops and trying some local home-made food made by the side of the road, we arrived at Teotihuacan! I was exhausted but curious. The hotel was simple, modest and right by the ruins.

A typical Mexican patio. this is in shades of blue.

The retreat started on Friday evening. Gaby didn’t give me any details so I had not idea what to expect. My emotional state was weak because I was homesick and tired…

Andres Portillo was the leader of the 4 days retreat called “El viaje del poder” or “The empowering journey”.

"Welcome to the encounter with the greatest mystery that exists...the human being. The being that goes beyond the doors of the known to recreate the world that has always dreamed of. I welcome you to experience a journey to the depths of your mind and your being. To have a celebration of every moment of your life, to realize that peace, love and happiness are available to you at every moment. Welcome home, welcome to your heart.", Andres Portillo.

With Andres Portillo, at Teotihuacan, Mexico.

This retreat was his 75th one! Andres works with a technique based on Toltec teachings and he created a chain of symbols that are placed in special order. Each one represents a different state. The first one was called “Mitote” which is the human mind, both individual and collective. This “Mitote” represents the voices inside our heads that interfere with our power to create. Once we identify “these voices” we are able to change our reality and take action. These voices could be our fears, resistance, confusion, past stories.

After some exercises, he walked us to the next symbol, “The Angel of Death” which represents transformation. This step taught us to live in the present, leaving behind what no longer serve us. This part involved a few exercises that were very hard to do. I took the Kleenex box right beside me because one or two Kleenex were not enough. We went to the ruins to pick up rocks that reminded us of our mistakes, our regrets, what we hated or wanted to change. Once we collected the rocks that best represented these concepts, we buried them on the ground.

The third symbol is “The Earth” which represents where we come from and where we go to. It reminds us that time is limited and that we have everything we need to live and be happy. Once we were over “The Angel of Death”, once we buried all our mistakes, we were ready to plant and create our new reality.

At 7:00am in Teotihucan, ready to start the ceremony of Re-Birth.

The fourth & fifth symbols were “The Air”, representing the ability to reconnect with your essence, wonder and joy for life, and “Fire”, representing unity with others and with God. Again, these two symbols were followed by personal exercises.

Andres Portillo taught us an exercise called “Recollection”. Using a way of visualization, you could work on an event or fear, and by collecting images and doing some breathing, your brain “closes” the event and manages to move on. I definitely need some practise with this one, because I didn’t manage to get any benefit from the exercise!

“The Moon” represents the mirror. What we perceive as reality is a reflection of our own interpretation and limited perception.

The group after the ceremony of Re-Birth!

To learn about “The Master” symbol, Andres arranged an incredible ceremony outdoors. “The Master” reflects maturity and our teachings. When we arrived in this world, we were assigned what we were going to learn and to teach others. To fully understand this concept, we were taken outside in the evening and a group of 5 people, all dressed as ancient Aztecs, were dancing by a big bonfire. They were chanting in an old dialect and playing drums and typical instruments. I was in complete shock by this ritual. I haven’t been to such powerful ceremony in a long time! At one point, we were invited to join the dancing circle and as the drums went faster, my heart was increasing its beat too! We ended the dancing laying down on the ground and feeling the earth below us and the starts above us. I will never forget this evening!

Climbing to the top of The Pyramid of The Sun.

“The Sun” represents the heart that irradiates unconditional love. It also represents the reconciliation with ourselves. This is the last symbol. To celebrate "The Sun", we ended our 4 days retreat, climbing the Pyramid of the Sun and mediating at the top.

The group at the top of The Pyramid of The Sun, where we concluded the retreat.

There were a lot of ups and downs during those four days. Since I was very sensitive, the work was even harder. I chose not to participate in some of the exercises since they were extremely hard to do. But from most of them I learned a lot. By the end of the retreat I felt enlightened and very very tired! This retreat was definitely "The Cherry on Top" of this trip!

"The stories you believe to be true are the ones your life will become" with love, Jazmin

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