Exciting news!

On October 30th, "Oaxacan Magic"- art exhibit will open its doors at the Art Gallery “Cuatrosiete” in Oaxaca. This exhibition includes a body of work that is very unique in terms of textures, forms and formats. The paintings will showcase the magic of Oaxaca through its arts, colours and traditions. I am very excited to have finally reached this milestone! The project has been developing for over 2 ½ years. I am proud and feel a high sense of achievement because this exhibition represents (to me) great adventures, deep connections and friendships, never ending inspiration and a massive self-growth.

Oaxacan Magic, a piece created to honour Oaxaca, its culture, people, food and arts. This piece embodies my work, the work of Gaby Vilchiz and her group of embroiders, clay work by Josefina Aguilar and Alebrije's painting technique in the background.

It all started with a meeting at a coffee shop, in 2017. On my first trip to Oaxaca I met Gaby Vilchiz, a local designer who after a FB message decided to meet with me. I shared with her my vision of incorporating her embroidery work with my paintings. Since that meeting two years ago, we have created a body of work of over 30 pieces, each one depicting the magic of this beautiful place.

Together after our first meeting over 2 years ago.

During these past 2 years, I traveled a few times to the city. Each trip was for 5 to 10 days because I had commitments in town. The decision of spending a long period in Oaxaca (2 months), which I previously blogged about it, was the right decision because it allowed me to have an experience like never before. Even thought I fell in love with that place right away, I couldn’t fully experience it. While being there for longer time, my work developed to different directions. I even changed the initial name of the project from "All women dream" to “Oaxacan Magic”, which were the exact two words I needed to describe the project and what I was feeling. The magic of this place opened up a creative “me” that I love and respect. While spending time in Oaxaca, my partner in this project, Gaby Vilchiz and I, connected and developed a new relationship. We spent lots of time talking, eating Mexican food, getting to know each other and working hands-on together in new pieces. I got familiarized with her creative world, materials, techniques and possibilities. She taught me a lot about different types of embroidery and introduced me to the women who specialised in them.