First art exhibition in Mexico

First art exhibition in Mexico! How exciting!

On Monday October 28th, 2019, Oaxaca was getting ready for the celebrations of The Day of the Death, that takes place every year on October 31st, November 1st & 2nd. The city looked beautiful and busier than ever. Thousand of fresh flowers adorned the facades of businesses, altars and homes. People were still busy finishing the altars and preparing the ofrendas for their loved ones.

Women decorating the facade of their business a day before the celebrations.

Tourists were arriving and a calendar filled with activities promised a great weekend ahead. Our exhibition was scheduled for Wednesday October 30th. I arrived two days before with my son Liam in the mist of a tropical storm that didn’t allow us to land in Oaxaca until it calmed down.

An altar inside an Hotel's patio.

The staff at the Gallery Cuatrosiete was busy curating the exhibition and arranging the last-minute details. Gaby Vilchiz, my business partner was busy confirming last minute guests and organizing the press conference to promote the project. I felt a bit like a guest in the middle of an hectic situation.

Press conference a day before the opening of the exhibition.

After the press conference ended, the curator at the art gallery Cuatrosiete was busy

curating the show.

Gaby and I have worked very hard for the past 2 years and now it was time to share our worked with others. The endless hours of work, trips, time away from my family was being celebrated in this exhibition. I felt very supported by my son, who joined me to see the result of so much dedication and hard work. It was important for me to have one member of my family attending this event because they are the ones who have been the most affected by this project. I left my family for months to work in Oaxaca.

With my son Liam and his favourite painting of this collection.

With Liam enjoying the celebrations of The Day of the Death in Oaxaca, 2019.

On Wednesday, the day of the opening, Oaxaca was ready to begin the celebrations and tourists were wondering around the streets happily. My son and I arrived at 4:00pm to the Gallery where we saw strangers asking for information and prices. It was very encouraging to see people loving our work! At 5:00pm the wife of the governor of Oaxaca, Ivette Murat, the secretary of Culture & Arts, Adriana Aguilar, and the artist Amador Montes, arrive to officially open the exhibition “Oaxacan Magic”. Gaby and I did a private tour of the exhibition and explained every detail that was put on the artwork.

Ivette Murat, the wife of the Governor of Oaxaca was privately hosted before the general opening.

Ivette Murat, the wife of the Governor of Oaxaca, giving us a blessing.

Amador Montes, a recognized artist around the world, attended our private tour.

Adriana Aguilar, The Secretary of Culture & Arts of Oaxaca,

with the owners of the art gallery Cuatrosiete.

By 7:00pm all the guests arrived and the celebration began! Mezcal cocktails, appetizers and music were offered to visitors. The evening was lovely and we were all very excited to see people inquiring and buying our work. The exhibition was a success! We are proud to have new collectors from Mexico and the US.

My son’s favourite painting was sold to a well-known chef from Oaxaca. The piece will be displayed at her restaurant while others will go to California, Florida and New York and some other cities in Mexico.

With Gaby Vilchiz, my business partner at the opening night reception of Oaxacan Magic.

This exhibition is the beginning of a new chapter. I can’t wait to see what’s comes next!!

"The stories you believe to be true are the ones your life will become" with love, Jazmin

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