stay@home Mixed Media Art

In Canada, we have been in lockdown for 8 weeks due to the Covid-19 outbreak!! The shock at first was inevitable and everybody's fear and anxiety were tangible. As time went by, we have all developed a routine and our lives got a new sense and rhythm. Luckily we can go for long walks and exercise in our beautiful park around the corner. I had a lot of time to get clarity and rest my mind.

But after a few weeks of urgent need to create arose, and since all stores were closed, I found myself looking around the house for new ideas. I felt limited but since we have a whole online world out there, I started researching how to create art materials with home-made things. In my studio, I always have supplies to paint such as oil paint and acrylics, but apart from that I didn’t have glue or any other basic things.

Since I love making mixed media art, I decided to search online hand-made modelling clay. It was fun to learn how to make clay out of flour and salt. Clay is one of my favourites materials, so this recipe was exactly what I needed. I also could get all the materials (salt & flour) from a single grocery run while getting food for my family. I became obsessed with "how-to-make" you tube videos and found countless people who shared free tips and tutorials. In a few weeks and after a few tries, I became really good at making modelling paste in all kind of colours, using spices or food colouring.

These sculptures are made with salt dough paste and spices. They smell very good!

Soon my kitchen filled up with little cute sculptures, animals, dolls and small plates in different shades and forms. This technique is so much fun and I fell in love with it! When I got confident with the recipe, I felt the urgent need to share it with others.

This peacock was made with salt dough paste and food colouring.

This is how the idea of creating ZOOM art classes for children began. One thing we definitely mastered in this lockdown is to learn new things online and also to use different platforms to communicate with one another.

Transitioning to ZOOM teaching was calling me. In order to practise, I asked my nieces and nephews in Argentina to do a ZOOM session with me. They were very cute and excited to participate! For me it was a bit challenging. I am used to being hands-on and the physical limitation felt strange.

A ZOOM art class for my nieces and nephew in Argentina.

Despite the challenges, the kids enjoyed the session very much and the experience for them was positive. I decided to develop a program for children and share my new “artistic obsession” with them. I am sure they will love making projects with this technique and once they have the skill to make their own modelling pastes, they will be able to create fun things independently.

"The stories you believe to be true are the ones your life will become" with love, Jazmin

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