ZOOM Art Class

As we see the world starting to re-opening, the first ZOOM art program ended. Every Sunday morning for the month of May, I got nicely dressed, put on some make-up and prepared my studio for the ZOOM class. At the beginning I was nervous. It was a long break since I last taught my students and the idea of reconnecting got me excited! And also, I have never taught art online before.The girls seemed to be much more comfortable in the ZOOM session than me since most of them have been studying online now.

First Class on ZOOM. Teaching the students through the screen how to make their own salt dough.

Last class on ZOOM. I started to feel more confident in front of the screen.

The fist challenge I encounter was the choice for the art project. I think it was a difficult one to begin with but I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I could always change the project if I realized that my students wouldn’t be able to complete it. The second challenge was the inability of getting my hands on their modelling paste, which was the main material in this program. I had to rely on their judgment if the paste had the right consistency. This means, not to sticky, not too dry. The first two sessions were the hardest but through the whole time, I became aware that my students were really enjoying the program.

My choice of project was not an easy one. On the other hand, I couldn't stop making sculptures with this technique!

I decided to ask my students if the making of modelling paste was hard for them. The answer that I liked the most was the one that said: "yes, it is a bit challenging,g but this is better than not doing art at all!

I realized that my students were on the right track!

Bunnies by Libi!

Bears by Brooklyn!

Bears by Ella!

By session 3, the projects came to life and it was fun to see their little cute salt dough sculptures completed.

A simple desire to reconnect with my students initiated the idea for this program, and seeing the results made my heart sing! I felt happy and fulfilled.

In the last session, the students created a stop-motion clip with their little sculptures. They had to think of a short story, look for a setting, get some props, take pictures and edit all in a stop-motion way.

This is the final result:

"The stories you believe to be true are the ones your life will become" with love, Jazmin

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