NEW! Private ZOOM Mixed Media Art Classes for children!

To all the creative children out there! Let's get together every Sunday morning to create fun mixed media projects. The materials have been tested and are all included in your groceries’ run (no need to buy anything special).

Summer Intensive Painting Program, details coming soon!


Mixed Media Sundays

Grade 4 - Grade 7 (9 to 12 years old)

11:00am- 12:00pm

June 7th, 14th, 21st

Total:  3 classes

Fee: $50

Max: 6 kids


Program description

June 7th

In this session, students will learn how to make white salt dough using white flour, salt and water. After they know how to mix the right proportions, we will explore adding colors. This class will take place in the kitchen, and some parental supervision might be needed. In this first class, we will create a basic sculpture. 


June 14th

In this session, students will keep working on their sculpture and build a little house out of a cardboard box.


June 21st

In this session, students will paint and add the final details to their sculptures and house. Then , they will apply a protective coat.


Frequently asked questions:

1. How does a Zoom Art Class look like?

Zoom Art classes are challenging, especially because regular classes are very hands-on and interactive, while in Zoom classes those attributes are non-existent or hard to manage. The students will have their microphones ON so they can get as much social interaction as possible with their peers. Since I am not able to help them with their projects physically, in some classes your support will be appreciated. Since the students will be making modelling paste, two classes will be a bit messy and they might need your help. Once they prepare all the colorful pastes, students will be able to work independently. Please, be aware that this program is not suitable for all children since the online learning presents some difficulties. Talk to your child about this before signing up.

Students will get an email with a private invitation to join a Zoom meeting. Only 6 students are enrolled in each program to give each one the best attention.

2. What to expect?

Classes are 1 hpur long. Children will prepare modelling paste using flour, salt, water and other food ingredients. This process is a bit messy, and should be done in the kitchen with parental supervision. Once the pastes are ready, children can work independently.

3. What materials will be used in the projects?

Main materials: White flour, salt, water, food coloring, some spices, wax paper.

Other materials: food containers or zip locks, toothpicks, rolling pin, cookie cutter (optional) and other fun stuff from your home. Students will get a list before the program starts. Colors may vary once the ingredients are dry.

4. Where does it take place?

Two sessions in the kitchen. One sessions in any other room.

5. What happens if my child doesn’t complete the project?

Videos will be sent after the session with a descriptive tutorial.

6. Payment:

Please e-transfer me the amount of $50 for the 3- sessions to

7. Do you offer your program any other day?

If Sundays don’t work for your child, please email me and I will try to open the program on another day.

I offer art classes for children in Spanish too. Please send me a message with your request!

On-line learning is new to all of us! Please, if I didn’t answer your questions, feel free to send me an email!


Jazmin has facilitated Mixed Media workshops, parties and programs in Vancouver since 2006. Her love for the arts and her ability to connect and inspire people is unique.