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Mixed Media Workshops
Talleres de arte con bordados

With years of experience, Jazmin creates, plans and facilitates one-of-a-kind Mixed Media Art workshops for women of all ages.


 The artist collaborates with travel companies and creative entrepreneurs around the globe offering

a unique, art/travel experience.

Jazmin’s passion and contagious love for the arts and art making takes participants on a playful journey of joy and creativity. She loves connecting with people and her years of experience teaching have proven that anyone could join her classes and create amazing mixed media projects.

Jazmin is currently offering the following Mixed Media workshops:

Frida Mixed Media Portrait

Frida Mixed Media Clay Doll

Catrina Clay Doll

All workshops include handmade embroidery pieces, and funky embellishments

that will deliver a playful, joyful and creative experience.

Frida Mixed Media Portrait
In partnership with Wandering Women Retreats, Oaxaca 2024

Frida Mixed Media Doll
Los angeles 2023

Catrina Clay Doll
Oaxaca 2022 - 2023



The Wayuu people are an ethnic group of the Guajira Peninsula in northernmost part of Colombia and northwest Venezuela.


The Wayuu were never subjugated by the Spanish, and the two groups were in a more or less permanent state of war. Of all the Indigenous peoples in the territory of Colombia, they were unique in having learned the use of firearms and horses.

The Wayuu have been largely known for their strong weaving tradition. Jazmin worked closely with the Wayuu people and apart from asking a few guidelines, the artisans were invited to freely work on their pieces. They implemented a traditional embroidery technique that allowed for the flat pieces to be fused with the artist’s paintings, and were inspired by their famous, geometrical designs


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