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I work with a Vancouver freight company called Flash Pack who are specialists in shipping works of art. Each artwork is packed with the utmost care and professionalism. Paintings smaller than 48 inches (122cm) are individually wrapped in polystyrene lining, then packed and shipped in wooden crates. Paintings of 48 inches (122cm) and over are individually wrapped in polystyrene lining and shipped in custom wooden crates. We need approximately 14 business days to have your painting properly packed and ready to ship.


Unfortunately, I am not able to offer returns. However, I will send you photos and videos of artwork before you make a decision, so that you are confident with the quality of my work before making your purchase.


Even though we make serious efforts to ensure a safe trip, I recommend adding

a shipping insurance to your painting.

Shipping insurance is charged at 3% of the artwork’s value.


There are several options to pay for your purchase. If you would like to use another method, please email:


Each country has its own Taxes & Custom fees Policies. Your artwork may be assessed and charged with custom fees, if applicable in your jurisdiction. If custom fees are not paid, your artwork will be retained and won’t be delivered. For US shipments over USD $2,500, a tax ID (such as Social Security number or EIN number) is required for US customs clearance.

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